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Hiya to all, this group is for us normal people to share the gossip about random celebs we see out and about, this could be when your on your way to work, school or just hanging about with your mates having dinner at your local restaurant, if you see anyone famous let us know, when and where you saw them. This group is purely for fun we do not endorse stalking celebrities. Thanks

Tom Cruise screens Valkyrie at his place in exchange for good reviews

Posted By LolaDub on Dec 23, 2008 at 7:27AM

MSNBC’s The Scoop reports that Tom Cruise was so afraid of the inevitable negative reviews of his bloated Nazi movie Valkyrie that he offered journalists a free screening at his mansion in exchange for some kind words. I wonder if they included a complimentary stress test with that. (You know I’m not going to be the only one to make that joke today.) It’s unclear if the screening actually happened or if it was just planned:

“Distractingly bad,” and “unengaging Nazi escapade” are among some of the reviewers’ comments attached to “Valkyrie,” Tom Cruise’s film that opens Christmas day.

Cruise’s people can’t be happy —for the obvious reasons — but also, according to a source with radio station K-Earth 101, the Cruise camp was willing to go to great lengths to garner some positive publicity. In fact, they went so far as to offer a screening for anyone at the station and their friends at the Cruise home, if only they’d “say ‘nice things’ about the movie,” according to the source.

Here’s what’s said to have happened. On Nov. 24, Mark Steines of “Entertainment Tonight” called into the show to discuss the exclusive interview “ET” had scored with Cruise. During the course of the interview with Lisa Stanley, Stanley mocks Cruise for not having a German accent in the film, says early viewers “laughed at it,” and then asks, “Listen, I’m just curious how you have no German accent, so many delays, and now people are saying, ‘It’s fantastic!’ It’s impossible.”

Impossible if you’ve seen the film … maybe. Which is why, according to the radio station source, a member of Cruise’s camp called the station to offer up a free friends and family screening.

“They offered to hold it in Tom’s home — they didn’t say if he’d be there or not,” the source says. “We just had to agree to say ‘nice things’ about the movie.”

[From MSNBC's The Scoop]

This isn’t uncommon in the movie industry and I remember reading an article by Roger Ebert that I’m having trouble finding again about how movie reviewers, especially lesser-known journalists from smaller outlets, are wooed by the studios. Free flights, vacations, meals and pampering help secure the taglines that go before terrible films you’ll feel you wasted precious minutes of your life being subjected to. The superlative quotes for the bad movies are followed by a credit in a tiny font for some person you’ve never heard of who was probably treated to at least a hot meal in exchange for selling out good taste.

Bad reviews may not negatively affect box office and there are plenty of other factors that come into play. The Scoop reports that Valykyrie is doing about as well in advance tracking, or polls, as Benjamin Button, which they attribute to all the publicity Cruise has been doing for the film.

The film is at 63% on Rotten Tomatoes and some top notch critics who are unlikely to have had beer and chips at Tommy’s house like it. Roger Ebert gives it three stars and calls it “a meticulous thriller,” with Tom’s performance “perfectly satisfactory, if not electrifying.” Ebert says he doesn’t understand why everyone was trashing Tom because he does pretty well in the role.

Maybe we were wrong and the film will do ok at the box office this holiday. I know I’d rather see Benjamin Button though.


Is Vince Vaughn getting engaged?

Posted By LolaDub on Dec 18, 2008 at 9:30AM

Vince Vaughn has been notably absent from the promotional rounds for his hit movie Four Christmases, while Reese Witherspoon has been promoting it like her life depends on it. Is it because he’s trying to keep a low public profile leading up to his engagement?

In Touch has this, “Vince Vaughn is hoping to go from a Wedding Crasher to a wedding planner — he intends to propose to his girlfriend, Kyla Weber, over the New Year’s holiday. According to one of Vince’s buddies, the actor has already picked out a diamond engagement ring that is more than 4 carats and costs around $125,000.”

The magazine claims that the chatty source added, “Vince is ready to get married and has been for a while,” his pal explains. “He wants to start a family.” This all sounds very familiar if you flash back about a year and half as many reports had Vince and Jennifer married several times over.

The report notes that another sign that might suggest it’s the real deal is that “In September, the couple was spotted meeting with his parents in Chicago. Vince, 38, has dated many actresses, including Jennifer Aniston, but Kyla is a former real estate agent from a town near Calgary, Canada.”

National Ledger

I’m not sure how good a ‘pal’ this source can be of Vince’s, since he’s blowing the lid on his plans to ask his girlfriend to marry him. If Vince is planning a big romantic surprise, he’s not going to be pleased when his girlfriend reads about it online.

Unfortunately, the report mentions Jennifer Aniston several times over, including in the headline. If Vince does get married and have a family, will she get featured all over again as the woman who let the husband and kids get away?

I somewhat doubt Vince is getting engaged this weekend, I think the real reason he skipped the Four Christmases promotion was that the film just really isn’t that funny, Reese and Vince lack chemistry. Maybe they really didn’t get along on the film set, and he can’t be counted on like Reese to be polite and cheerful about their working relationship in interviews.


Anna Wintour to Retire?

Posted By LolaDub on Nov 18, 2008 at 7:16AM

Are Anna Wintour's fashion days coming to an end? The word on the street is that the rumored inspiration behind The Devil Wears Prada could be moving on from her multi faceted fashion throne.

In addition to being the head person at Vogue, Anna also controls Fashion Rocks and Teen Vogue, but maybe not for long.

A source told Page Six: "Her contract is up soon. She's thinking of retiring. She feels she's done it all and had enough. She has been putting out feelers to intimate friends recommending a possible replacement to S.I. Newhouse."

A rep for the infamous editor replied with a brief statement saying, "This is completely unfounded." With everything that she's seen and heard in her long career, we think that Anna could walk away and easily score a very lucrative book deal. But would she dare spill all those secrets?

Eminem Album Pushed Back Again

Posted By LolaDub on Nov 12, 2008 at 7:14AM

you were hoping to get your hands on a new Eminem album before the end of the year, you can probably forget about it.

Eminem published a best-selling autobiography, "The Way I Am," that came out just last month and it sparked rumors that he would be releasing a new album very soon after. Some even speculated that the music would be out by December.

A source now tells Page Six, "Eminem has been through a lot. He is being a perfectionist and is completely obsessive-compulsive about this album. There's a 50-50 chance it will be done by the end of this year - but most likely it'll be the first quarter of next year. There was never a release date set."

Looks like we'll all just have to be patient

Is Victoria Beckham going to run the New York City Marathon this weekend?

Posted By LolaDub on Oct 30, 2008 at 5:57AM

According to Starpulse, Victoria Beckham is planning on running the New York City Marathon this Sunday. They claim that she’s been training in secret like BFF Katie Holmes did last year. Of course there was a good deal of controversy about whether or not Katie actually ran the marathon or if her bodyguard did it in her place. She appeared in photos without a sports bra, looking relatively well, and was in heels for a benefit later that night.

But Victoria Beckham appears to be consider putting herself through the same ordeal – though she’s known for being unwilling to even go outside in anything without a three-inch heel.

Spice World star Victoria Beckham is reportedly set to follow in her best pal Katie Holmes’ footsteps and run the New York Marathon.

The former Spice Girl has allegedly been training in secret for the event in the Big Apple this Sunday. Holmes completed the run in five hours, 29 minutes and 58 seconds. And now Beckham is set to take on the same feat.

A source tells Britain’s Now magazine, “It was meant to be a big secret. She’s been training for months with the main goal of running in the New York marathon. But, if she doesn’t feel ready, she’s planning to do the one in Los Angeles in February next year.”

Beckham’s soccer ace husband David has reportedly been giving her fitness tips to get the singer-turned-designer into shape. And the couple has put plans to expand their family on hold for the time being so Beckham can achieve her goal.

The insider adds, “She wants to get the run out of the way because once she gets pregnant it’ll be ages before she has the opportunity again.”

[From Starpulse]

I’m calling bullshit on this. Either the story is completely fabricated or it was put out for a nice little press bit by someone in Beckham’s camp. But there’s no way in hell she’s doing this. For one thing, you can’t just sign up. You have to compete in qualifying marathons. Sometimes they’ll make an exception for people (the marathon organizers are pretty vague about when they’ll do this but celebrity appears to be a reason) but I still think it’s bull.

Posh would make a fool out of herself. She’s obviously in okay shape as she’s not overweight or anything – but most people would argue she’s underweight with little athletic tone. I think if she’d been training hard enough to do this successfully, we would have spotted the difference in her teeny tiny calves. They’re as wispy as always, and I’m sorry, but simply won’t carry her 26 miles. I wish her the best if somehow this turns out to be true, but I also hope she has a car keep pace alongside her.


Michael Jackson To Tour The World

Posted By LolaDub on Oct 27, 2008 at 6:25AM

It looks like we're finally going to get a Michael Jackson world tour after all! There's been a lot of speculation about whether or not MJ would tour with his new album, or take up a Vegas residency to play there. But The Sun reports that he's gearing up for his first major tour since 1996.

The source from The Sun says, "Michael said he wasn't doing a Vegas residency but was going on a world tour, taking in 30 cities next year. He said he wanted to do it for his kids. He wants them to see what he does, and he wants to take them on the road. He said he was on his way to Los Angeles to finalize the details."

This would trump any of the comebacks we've seen happen this year. Despite how crazy Michael Jackson has become over the years, he still has some of the most loyal fans out there. Would go see MJ on the road?

Lindsay Lohan Gets the Boot From Ugly Betty

Posted By LolaDub on Oct 23, 2008 at 7:34AM

looks like Lindsay Lohan’s planned 6 episode guest spot on Ugly Betty will be cut short due to tension between Lindsay and ABC star America Ferrera. Lohan has apparently worn out her welcome after four appearances.

You’re probably thinking that it is odd that Lindsay would cause any kind of tension on the set but sources say it’s true. Not only was her dressing room a nightmare but she smoked non-stop and she traveled with an entourage. Big deal…right? Lindsay was apparently on a power trip and would not come to the set unless Ferrera was there too.

We found this story on The New York Post Page Six this morning and it seemed so Lindsay. ‘He said’ ’she said’, blah, blah, blah. We hate to say this… no we don’t! Does anybody really care? The bottom line is that they were hoping for increased ratings and it didn’t happen. We’re thinking that Britney Spears would draw far more viewers than Lindsay.

Check out the two photos above. We feel compelled to send an immediate shoutout to Lindsay’s makeup artist. The orange face does nothing for your client and you must do something with her feet - is she wearing socks? Sure it can happen once - but twice?


Katherine Heigl is going to adopt a baby from Korea

Posted By LolaDub on Oct 17, 2008 at 10:03AM

Annoying Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, 29, is going to be the latest celebrity to adopt a baby, According to the National Enquirer. She has an older sister who is adopted from Korea, and Heigl plans to welcome a little Korean orphan into her home with her husband of under a year, singer Josh Kelley, 28. Katherine said last year that filming Knocked Up turned her off from the idea of having a biological baby. The Enquirer notes that she is also motivated not to get pregnant by her career as it would require her to take time off from working. She’s said to have always wanted to adopt given her experience with her sister:

Katherine Heigl and her singer hubby Josh Kelley are adopting a baby, the Enquirer has learned exclusively.

The 29-year-old Emmy-winning actress decided she didn’t want to get “Knocked Up” - and the couple expects to start their family with a child from Korea within a year, sources say.

Welcoming a baby from Korea holds special meaning for Katherine because her older sister Meg was adopted from that country.

“Meg has had a profound impact on Katherine’s life, which is why she and Josh are trying to adopt a Korean child,” a friend close to the couple revealed to The Enquirer.

“They’ve chosen an adoption agency and have started filing the necessary paperwork. They haven’t gone public with the news yet because they want to make sure there are no problems before they make an announcement.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 27, 2008]

The Enquirer reminds us that Katherine said last year that she really didn’t want a biological baby and that “I’m done with the whole idea of having my own children. [Giving birth] doesn’t seem like any fun. I don’t think it’s necessary to go through all of that.”

Katherine Heigl seems like a self-absorbed twit to me, but if she wants to take in a little orphan that’s only a good thing. Hopefully she’ll change with the addition of a new baby and realize that she’s not the center of the universe.

Did David Duchovny separate from Téa Leoni because of her affair with Billy Bob Thornton?

Posted By LolaDub on Oct 16, 2008 at 9:30AM

Well there is some new hot gossip on why David Duchovny and Téa Leoni have split up. Though one has to believe David’s recent ’sexual compulsion issue’ may have damaged the relationship the final straw may have actually been an infidelity by Téa. The UK Daily Mail claims Duchovny discovered explicit text messages on his wife’s mobile phone. Through the texts Duchovny found out she had supposedly begun a relationship with Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton, 53, who was of course famously formerly married to Angelina Jolie. The Five-times married Billy Bob met Téa when they made a comedy film together earlier this year called Manure. Thornton, a musician with his own band, has been seen with Téa at his gigs. Witnesses say:
‘She even helps him load and unload his truck.’ This is of course speculative gossip, but I can’t help feeling if your looking to cheat on your husband, Billy Bob is probably happy to oblige. David and Téa did say in the written statement announcing their split that they have been separated for quite a while so if there is an affair it could also have started afterwards as well. In any case it’s a shame to see a couple split after 11 years, especially for the two children, a daughter 9, and a son 6.


Christian Slater To Reprise Role In Heathers?

Posted By LolaDub on Oct 14, 2008 at 5:52AM

Are you tired of hearing about all the classic movies from the 80s that are getting remade? Well we’ve got another one for ya! Christian Slater is reportedly dying to reprise his role in Heathers, which first hit theaters in 1989.

He’s hoping Winona Ryder will be on board too. We must say, it would probably do wonders for their careers/ We don’t have high hopes for My Own Worst Enemy, and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen Winona in anything special. Although, she does have six different movies slated to come out in the next two years.

Christian says reuniting for the sequel would be a dream come true for both he and Winona. He tells AOL Television, "Yeah, sometimes I see Winona and she’s like, ‘Are you ready to do Heathers 2?’ And I’m like, ‘Sure!’ I would do it in a heartbeat. I would totally love to do that character again - J.D… That would be like a dream come true for me. So we’ll see. If they want to put something together, I’d be thrilled."

Would you like to see a sequel to Heathers?